Clinical Nurse Specialist at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, United Kingdom


Jane Roberts is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. After qualifying as a registered general nurse in London more than 30 years ago (!), Jane eventually moved further north until she ended up at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where she completed her registered sick children's nurse (RSCN) training and where she has remained for over 3 decades. Jane joined the Willink metabolic team in 2001 when the first mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) trial commenced; after coordinating a couple of international drug trials, she became the clinical nurse specialist for MPS II, VI and Fabry disease.

The Wolman (LAL-D) babies were added to her caseload and she continues to enjoy the challenges of working with a new cohort of patients. Jane feels that the world of lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs) has changed so much in the relatively short time she has been involved. Disease awareness has been highlighted, drugs licensed, patient care improved and best practice shared. She maintains that these children and families deserve our best efforts and unending support as they continue to push through the continuing hardships that such diseases impose.nded and designed for use by healthcare professionals with an interest in metabolic diseases and MPS and alpha-mannosidosis. All session viewers are required to register for the selected webinar before accessing the content. Content and views shared are solely those of the speaker.