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The Spot The Early Signs program aims to fight under-diagnosed or late-diagnosed conditions for which treatments are available and where early detection and early treatment could make a significant difference in the condition's development, the quality of life and the survival of patients. 

Misdiagnosis of Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) results in late diagnosis and the late start of treatment, which has significant consequences on long-term outcomes. This gap usually results in confusing symptoms with other conditions, most notably trying to address symptoms directly and therefore delaying actual diagnosis and treatment, or referring the patient to the wrong pediatric specialties causing further delays in the condition’s management chain.

Over the past 4 years, EIP is proud to have built a network of 1800 trained healthcare professionals who have attended one or more of the webinars. This sub-network of the EIP Community now have MPS at the top-of-their-minds and are ready to spread the word and share the ’think rare’ message to their colleagues. To assist EIP has launched this dedicated Spot the Early Signs Resource Centre to spread education in local medical communities, and further develop and expand the trained on MPS frontline healthcare professionals network.

All recorded webinars are available to view without charge via the Resources Section of the site, along with further information on the FacultyCampaigns and how you can Join Us to make your colleagues ‘think rare’ at every opportunity.

The Resource Centre allows members to collaborate, engage and interact and where they can easily find information and education when needed - both for members and to share with colleagues.

Learning Objectives: (1) Understand how the multidisciplinary team approach to managing MPS patients is so vital (2) The role of the general paediatrician (3) Demonstrate the importance of communication between centres, professionals and families


Will you volunteer to organise an educational activity related to Misdiagnosis of Mucopolysaccharidosis and help the program's outreach? Work with us to present a webinar in English or in your national language, or to organise an educational activity in your facility.
Will you present a webinar?
Spot the Early Signs Education Program
Spot the Early Signs Education Program