Think Rare

Understanding the Path to Successful MPS I Diagnosis in Children


EIP’s Spot the Early Signs Programme aims to fight under-diagnosed or late-diagnosed conditions for which treatments are available and where early detection and early treatment could make a significant difference in the condition's development, quality of life and survival of patients. Following case studies and a peer-to-peer educational approach, the Understanding the Path to Successful MPS I Diagnosis in Children Program aims to improve how child healthcare professionals advise and treat the children and families they support. Pediatricians and family doctors are likely to be the first healthcare professionals to observe symptoms, and it is important to help these front-line clinicians suspect, diagnose, and refer patients.

The Program is campaign-led and makes the most of EIP’s network of members and followers to spread the word on social media to members and their colleagues worldwide, asking them to 'think rare’ in every consultation.



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View 30 free @EIP_Institute webinars to learn the various manifestations of MPS in children depending on your specialty. #ThinkRare and suspect MPS in every consultation. Access the #EIPSpotTheEarlySigns resource centre at

Learn how as a front-line #PediatriciansForMPS you can best support patients diagnosed with MPS and their families. Visit the @EIP_Institute #EIPSpotTheEarlySigns resource centre and access webinars and readings that will help you understand their needs

As a Front-line #PediatriciansForMPS who understands MPS, pledge your time to connect with your national MPS Society and help them in the tremendous work they are doing to support MPS patients and their families. More at @EIP_Institute resource centre

Understand what to do next after detecting a possible sign of MPS in one of your patients. Speedy referral to a Specialist Centre is of paramount importance. #ThinkRare, be prepared and learn where to refer suspected cases. More at @EIP_Institute resource centre

Know the MPS Specialists in your country and internationally. They can assist you with the correct diagnosis and referral, especially with complex cases that require a Multidisciplinary Approach.  More at @EIP_Institute #EIPSpotTheEarlySigns resource centre


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